This Sunday, February 14 come and celebrate Valentine's Day with us!

Check out the Specials of the day:


Watermelon Mimosas   $6

Strawberry Mimosas     $6

Regular Mimosas           $5

Passion Fruit Mimosas   $6

Strawberry Mojito          $8

Passion Fruit Mojito       $8

Coconut Mojito              $8

Strawberry Batida       $8

Coconut Batida             $8


Lunch Specials

Burrito with chorizo and eggs served w/ rice and beans $8.5

Huevos a la Mexicana served w/ rice, beans and tortillas $8

Huevos Rancheros served w/ rice, beans and tortillas $7.89

Soft Tacos w/ eggs and chorizo, pico de gallo, cheese and and sour cream + rice and beans $9

Chilaquiles Mexicanos with eggs, steak and avocado $17